Cutting Edge - Made in Germany


Traditionally Feuerstein has pioneered State of the Art production technologies and methodology.

Since the 1980´s Feuerstein is manufacturing Feubo branded Mooring hardware on precision CNC machines, when even long thereafter everybody else was working on conventional milling centers and lathes. The strategy of continually reinvesting and modernizing our CNC Engineering hardware and software ensures Feuerstein shall remain at the forefront in delivering leading edge high quality precision critical engineered mooring products.


Heat Treatment

Since the end of the last millenium Feubo uses an entirely robotized heat treatment procedure which is today unsurpassed as far as consistency and repeatability is concerned. Taking the human factor as a failure source out of the equation proved to be the key to achieve reproducible results time after time.

No other method can guarantee the customer the security and safety everybody is looking for nowadays. It is one of the many unique steps in the production which makes the Feubo product more reliable and safer than any alternative.



Feubo owns its own Test benches of 2000 to, 6000 to and a 700 to fatigue test machine. With this array of equipment, we do not have to rely on third party providers and are able to perform these quality critical steps quick, self-sufficient, independant and in a controlled environment. This gives us unparalleled freedom with product development and enables testing criteria to be expanded beyond any confines and restraints; we are able to put new parts, improvements, designs and materials through realistic tests simulationg wear and tear in a marine environment, which again adds to the product reliability Feubo is known for.



Feubo has automated multidirectional MPI machines, today this is the most reliable and efficient method used to inspect this type of product, state of the art ultrasonic equipment and Level 2 and Level 3 trained personnel, able to guarantee even highest inspection requirements.



Feubo is proud to invest in our own engineering and design department we have in our employment highly qualified staff. This is backed up with the latest state of the art software which enables Feubo to perform its own design work. We are also simulating strength and fatigue behavior of the parts on the computer, before we are offering a solution for our customers. This is how we guarantee optimal performance and efficiency in order to continue offering safe, reliable and competitive solutions.