KS Hooks

Getting ready to be shipped to our client. The KS hook is produced for approximately 20 years by Feubo. The part was developed and consistently refined together with our clients. It is the longest solution which is still on the market. A highly efficient and reliable part is what our clients got from day one on. Our solution has until today a flawless track record with over 1000 pcs been produced. KS Hooks are type approved by DNVGL, ABS and BV and can be supplied with a full mooring certificate of any of those class societies.


Jaw Jaw Bearing Swivel

Another load of forged Jaw Jaw Swivels is expecting immediate shipment to our client. These very competitive swivels are the latest development of Feubo with over 100 pcs Being sold just in the last 6 months. This part is one of three mooring and installation swivels developed and made by Feubo in Germany. It has an unlimited depth rating and is as service friendly as all of our swivels making it an asset that can be used over a long period. With every other swivel manufactured by us, Feubo offers complete service and retest In the factory including upgrade to actual versions. Since some oft he swivels are in use for a decade or longer, the service became a useful tool to protect the investment of our clients.




Feubo just supplied over 30 pcs H connectors and Y links in up to 152 mm nominal diameter to a European client. The forged parts were designed, stress analyzed, manufactured and tested in house. As all Feubo Offshore Mooring connectors, they are made in Germany.